A New Look for App Service Diagnostics

2 minute read

We are launching a new experience in App Service Diagnostics to help you more easily and quickly diagnose and solve problems of your application.

Run Wildfly on App Service

less than 1 minute read

Wildfly is an open-source application runtime for Java applications, and the upstream project of JBoss EAP. We recently added a new Azure Sample that shows h...

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Azure CLI for ASE and Access Restriction

1 minute read

Based on customer requests we have added support for automating App Service Environment operations using the Azure CLI. With the 2.0.77 release you can creat...

App Service Integration with Azure Monitor

3 minute read

We are happy to announce that App Service has new and improved integration with Azure Monitor. You can now send your logs from Windows or Linux App Service t...

Announcing GitHub Actions for App Service

4 minute read

Last week GitHub announced the preview of GitHub Actions with built-in CI/CD; watch the announcement here. These actions, defined in YAML files, allow you to...

App Service Plan Density Check

2 minute read

App Service Plans define the compute resources assigned to run your App Service. The pricing tier of your App Service Plan determines the compute power and f...

Changes to Routing Rules UX

1 minute read

We will soon be rolling out a series of UX and ARM API changes that will alter the behavior of routing rules for testing in production. After May 22nd, you w...

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Upgrading Python on Azure App Service

9 minute read

App Service is Microsoft Azure’s platform-as-a-service offering for web apps, whether they are sites accessed through a browser, REST APIs used by your own c...

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