April 2017 App Service update

1 minute read • May 1, 2017

Byron Tardif

This month we rolled out a new experience for Azure Functions, new Hybrid Connections UX and new integration with Azure CDN.

New experience for Azure Functions

We have fully re-vamped the portal experience for Azure functions, some of the improvements include:
  • A dedicated browse blade for Function Apps.
  • A tree view that allows viewing and managing multiple Function Apps
  • Filters on subscription and app name, as well as an option to scope the view to just one app
  • One-click access to all App Service platform features
  • A convenient way to manage features that have already been configured
  • Overall UI enhancements to be more consistent with the rest of the Azure portal

You can read more about this in the announcement blog.


New experience for Hybrid Connections

Azure App Service, hybrid connections can be used to access application resources in other networks. It provides access FROM your app TO an application endpoint. Hybrid connections does not know or care what the application protocol is or what you are accessing. It is simply providing network access. Learn more about Hybrid Connections

The new experience makes it easier to create, connect and manage hybrid connections within your web app.

To access this feature go to Settings > Network > Hybrid Connections



New Azure CDN integration

Azure CDN lets you dramatically improve the performance of your application by caching and geo-distributing static content. You can read more about Azure CND here.

Now adding Azure CDN to your web apps is only a few clicks away.

To access this feature go to Settings > Network > Azure CDN



New location for troubleshooting tools


Tools to help you diagnose and debug your app have been moved into Diagnose and Solve problems, the items moved include:

  • Metrics per Instance (Apps)
  • Metrics per Instance ( App Service Plans)
  • Live HTTP Traffic
  • Application Events
  • Failed Request Tracing logs
  • Diagnostics as a Service
  • Mitigate
  • PHP Debugging (Zend Z-Ray)
  • Security Scanning (Tinfoil)


If you have any questions about any of this features or App Service in general be sure to check our forums in MSDN and Stack Overflow.

For any feature requests or ideas check out our User Voice