Deployment, CI/CD, Slots

App Service makes it easy to deploy from your local machine or a CI/CD pipeline. You can deploy to staging environments, known as slots, and swap your new release to production with one click. Finally, you can split traffic between your slots to do A/B testing, or validate your new release with production traffic before swapping.

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Announcing GitHub Actions for App Service

4 minute read • By Jason Freeberg • August 10, 2019

Last week GitHub announced the preview of GitHub Actions with built-in CI/CD; watch the announcement here. These actions, defined in YAML files, allow you to...

Changes to Routing Rules UX

1 minute read • By Jason Freeberg • March 18, 2019

We will soon be rolling out a series of UX and ARM API changes that will alter the behavior of routing rules for testing in production. After May 22nd, you w...