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App Service is a managed hosting service for web apps and mobile back-ends. Quickly build, deploy, and scale your web apps either as code or containers. Meet rigorous, enterprise-grade performance, security, and compliance requirements by using the fully managed platform for your operational and monitoring tasks.

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Recent posts

How to deploy a secure n-tier web app

24 minute read • By Jordan Selig • December 2, 2022

Many applications will consist of more than just a single component. For example, you may have a frontend which is publicly accessible that connects to a bac...

How to deploy a highly available multi-region web app

32 minute read • By Jordan Selig • December 2, 2022

High availability and fault tolerance are key components of a well-architected solution. It’s always best to prepare for the unexpected and having an emergen...

Announcing Larger SKUs for App Service Environment v3

2 minute read • By Mads Damgård • December 1, 2022

Our engineering teams have been hard at work to deliver the new larger SKUs on App Service Environment v3. While it seems simple, as it is multiples of the e...