Networking & ASE

App Service has a suite of networking features that enable teams to fulfill their security requirements. Teams that must meet the most stringent security requirements can use an App Service Environment, a fully isolated and dedicated hosting option that can be deployed with or without an external IP address.

Networking Features

Recent posts

General Availability of Linux Hybrid Connections

1 minute read • By Christina Compy • June 17, 2020

We are happy to announce Hybrid Connections for Linux apps is now Generally Available. Hybrid Connections have been available for Windows apps for a few year...

Public Preview of Private Link on App Service

2 minute read • By Christina Compy • March 16, 2020

We are happy to announce the public preview of Private Link for Azure App Service. This preview is available in limited regions for all PremiumV2 Windows and...

App Service Environment Support for Availability Zones

3 minute read • By Stefan Schackow • December 12, 2019

App Service has GA’d App Service Environment (ASE) support for deploying into Availability Zones (AZ). Customers can choose to optionally deploy internal lo...