GitHub Actions integration is now Generally Available

less than 1 minute read • By Jason Freeberg and Mitren Chinoy • August 19, 2020

A year ago we announced a GitHub Action to deploy your web apps to Azure App Service. In April, we added GitHub Actions as an option in the Deployment Center. We are excited to share that the GitHub Actions integration with Azure App Service is now Generally Available and ready for production workloads.

The current GitHub Actions option in the Deployment Center does not yet support deploying Docker containers. You can still set up Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) with Docker containers and GitHub Actions by following this tutorial.

The Deployment Center helps you build a CI/CD pipeline on GitHub Actions. This saves time, and simplifies the process if you are new to GitHub Actions or CI/CD. Watch the video below to get started.

If you are new to App Service, see our Zero to Hero series to go from zero to cloud hero with Azure. The articles cover CI/CD, deployment slots, certificates, domains, network security, and advanced configuration!

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