Migrating your Windows container apps from the Premium Container SKU (Preview) to Premium V3 SKU

2 minute read • By Jeff Martinez • March 2, 2022

The Premium Container SKU will not be moving out of preview status and will be retired on 30th June 2022. Please move your applications to the Premium V3 SKU ahead of this date if you want to continue running your Windows container workloads. The Premium V3 SKU is SLA-backed and supports Windows containers. In addition to general availabilty of support for Windows containers, Premium V3 provides enhanced performance for production applications, virtual network connectivity and new pricing options including Dev / Test, Pay-as-you-Go, 1-year and 3-year reserved instance pricing. See additional details here.

If you have an application that is using the Premium Container SKU (Preview) and you would like to move to the new Premium V3 SKU, you will need to copy and re-deploy your application to a Premium V3 App Service Plan. The following is an example on how to do this using the clone functionality via Azure CLI in PowerShell.



This tutorial uses Az.Accounts and Az.Websites PowerShell modules. Follow the instructions here before starting to install the modules.

You will need your:

  • Subscription ID: “< subscription-id >”
  • Resource Group: “my-pc-resource-group”
  • Web App Name: “my-pc-web-app”

Prepare your environment

  1. To get started you will first need to connect your Azure account

  2. Then, set your subscription in PowerShell to the context of your Web App

     Set-AzContext -Subscription "<subscription_id>" 

Copy your Premium Container site

Next, copy the Premium Container site information into a PowerShell variable. You will use this variable when you clone the app

$myPCApp = Get-AzWebApp -ResourceGroupName "my-pc-resource-group" --Name "my-pc-web-app"

Create your Premium V3 App Service Plan

Create the new App Service Plan that your site will be cloned to. Be sure to use the ‘’–hyper-v’’ parameter so it will support your Windows container workload. Here you will also define your new resource group and app name.

az appservice plan create --resource-group "my-pv3-resource-group" --name "my-pv3-app-service-plan" --hyper-v --location "East US" --sku p1v3 --subscription 

Clone your Premium Container application to the new Premium V3 App Service Plan

Use the following PowerShell command to clone your existing Premium Container app to your Hyper-V enabled Premium V3 App Service Plan. Here you will use the $myPCApp variable defined earlier as your -SourceWebApp value.

New-AzWebApp -ResourceGroupName "my-pv3-resource-group" -Name "my-pv3-app" -Location "East US" -AppServicePlan "my-pv3-app-service-plan" -SourceWebApp $myPCApp

After running this command you should now have your cloned Premium Container application in a new Premium V3 App Service Plan.


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