Notification Hubs Java SDK Improvements - Direct Send, Cancel Scheduled Pushes, Get Telemetry

less than 1 minute read • January 18, 2017

Mimi Xu (Azure)
We are excited to share some of the recent updates the Notification Hubs team has made to its Java Server SDK.
  1. We have added a cancelScheduledNotification API that lets you delete scheduled notifications provided the scheduled notification ID.
  2. We have added sendDirectNotification that can directly push any type of notifications (APNS, GCM, WNS, etc) to a list of device tokens without any device registrations needed with Notification Hubs service.
  3. Lastly, getNotificationTelemetry is enabled for customers to easily see telemetry details around each send request.
You will need the following dependencies with the correct versions: Give them a try and let us know what you think!