July 2017 App Service update

1 minute read • July 31, 2017

Byron Tardif
This month we rolled out a few major releases for App Service:

Public preview for new App Service Environments (ASEv2)

New app service environments offer: faster scale operations, simplified management, more powerful instances (backed by Dv2-series VMs ) amongst may other improvements. Learn more about App Service Environments v2  

Public preview for new App Service Premium tier (Premium V2)

The new Premium V2 tier features Dv2-series VMs with even faster processors, SSD storage, and double the memory-to-core ratio compared to the previous compute iteration. Learn more about App Service Premium v2 Preview

New App Service Domains Experience

The ability to buy and assign custom domains to you App Service apps has existed in the portal for some time, however we have now extended those domain to be full on managed resources with their own UX independent of the app. App Service Domains are now also backed by Azure DNS making it easier to use App Service Domains with IaaS instances, Traffic Manager Azure CDN. Learn more about App Service Domains image   If you have any questions about any of this features or App Service in general be sure to check our forums in MSDN and Stack Overflow. For any feature requests or ideas check out our User Voice