.NET 8 GA available on App Service

1 minute read • By Tulika Chaudharie • November 14, 2023

We have completed the rollout for .NET 8 GA support on App Service.

Like in previous years we are using the App Service Early Access feature to enable day-0 support on the platform across all public regions on Windows App Service Plans. The early access release will be followed by additional deployments to fully integrate the new bits across our fleet, expecting to be fully done by the end of the week.

On Linux App Service Plans, .NET 8 GA will be fully integrated on day-0 across all public regions without any additional deployments.

If you already have an app targeting and earlier preview of .NET 8.0 on the platform, there is no need to take action as the new runtime will be picked up on the next application restart once the update is available for your app. You can trigger this manually by starting and stopping your app.

Self-contained .NET apps will not be auto-updated since they have no dependency on the runtime provided by App Service.

Azure Functions and Azure Static Webapps are also enabling .NET 8 workloads across their scenarios.

If you want to learn more, be sure to checkout our sessions during .NET Conf 2023:

  • Tuesday 11/14 @ 4:30PM PST Join Scott Hunter to talk about “Building and scaling cloud-native, intelligent applications on Azure and .NET”
  • Wednesday 11/15 @ 10:00am PST Join Byron Tardif will be taking the stage talk about “App Service the best place to host your .NET 8 Web Apps”.
  • Thursday 11/16 @ 3:30PM PST Join Gaurav Seth will show you how to migrate your apps to Azure App Service in the session “From Zero to Hero: Quickly Migrate Web Apps with Azure App Service”

You can also checkout all the new Azure App Service features and capabilities that we are announcing at Ignite 2023

Next steps:

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