New Log Types for Azure Monitor Integration

2 minute read • By Yutang Lin • June 25, 2020

We have recently added two new log types to our preview of App Service’s Integration with Azure Monitor. The two new log types are:

  1. AppServiceIPSecAuditLogs
  2. AppServicePlatformLogs

To learn more about how to set up your Diagnostic Settings, refer to our previous announcement blog post.

What are these new logs?

AppServiceIPSecAuditLogs (Linux and Windows)

This log will show requests made to an web app if there were any IP access restriction rules created. It will provide information such as the host, client IP, result, and the matching rule. This is available for both Linux and Windows web apps.

As an example, if a user created an IP rule to only allow access from a certain IP range, and there was a request made to the app from an IP outside of the allowed IP range, the log will show the IP of the request and which rule denied the request. Similar results will show for requests made from allowed IP ranges.

At the time of writing, this log type can only be sent to a Storage Account. Future updates will be made to allow this log type to go to Log Analytics.

AppServicePlatformLogs (Linux only)

This log type shows the output of the Docker commands used to manage your container. If you look at your Linux web app’s file system, the LogFiles directory contains two kinds of log files with the following formats:

  • YYYY_MM_DD_RDXXXXXXXXX_default_docker.log: This is the equivalent of AppServiceConsoleLogs on the file system
  • YYYY_MM_DD_RDXXXXXXXX_docker.log: This is the equivalent of AppServicePlatformLogs on the file system

This log will have the contents of the YYYY_MM_DD_RDXXXXXXXX_docker.log. It will contain logs such as starting container for site..., docker run..., output from the docker pull command, etc.

Current State of All Logs Types

The table below shows the latest availability for the log categories on Windows and Linux.

Log type Windows Windows Container Linux Linux Container Description
AppServiceConsoleLogs Java SE & Tomcat Yes Yes Yes Standard output and standard error
AppServiceHTTPLogs Yes Yes Yes Yes Web server logs
AppServiceEnvironmentPlatformLogs Yes N/A Yes Yes App Service Environment: scaling, configuration changes, and status logs
AppServiceAuditLogs Yes Yes Yes Yes Login activity via FTP and Kudu
AppServiceFileAuditLogs Yes Yes TBA TBA File changes made to the site content; only available for Premium tier and above
AppServiceAppLogs ASP .NET ASP .NET Java SE & Tomcat 1 Java SE & Tomcat Blessed Images 1 Application logs
AppServiceIPSecAuditLogs Yes Yes Yes Yes Requests from IP Rules
AppServicePlatformLogs TBA Yes Yes Yes Container operation logs

1 For Java SE apps, add the app setting WEBSITE_AZMON_PREVIEW_ENABLED and set it to 1 true.