Update Changes to MySQL support for Azure Imagine Offer

1 minute read • December 12, 2016

Imagine program provides special Azure access rights to students that are validated through the Microsoft Imagine program. If you are not enrolled , please enroll here. Azure subscriptions enrolled in this program previously had access to a Free MySQL Database from ClearDB. Moving forward ClearDB FreeDatabase will no longer be supported as part of Imagine program. You can still leverage MySQL from MySQL in-app(Preview) feature. What Imagine offer students get with MySQL in-app(Preview):
  • MySQL in-app gives you an experience of native MySQL running locally alongside the web server.
  • One database for One web app .  It is not restricted on App service plan.
  • Storage of 1 GB shared by the your web app's files and database content
  • RAM of 1 GB
  • Phpmyadmin access to manage your database  from Azure portal
  • Supports logging for MySQL server logs and Slow query logs. Note these are turned off by default.
Here is a FAQ to help answer common question due to this change in service for Imagine program. 1.Can I continue to use, my existing ClearDB Free MySQL database? Yes. You can continue to use your existing ClearDB Free MySQL database. 2. Can I create a new ClearDB MySQL database on my Imgaine program subscription? No you cannot create a new Free ClearDB MySQL database on your Imagine program subscription. You can purchase a new Azure subscription such as Pay-as-you-go etc.  to be able to create ClearDB MySQL database 3. How can I export my ClearDB database to MySQL in-app(Preview) database? Check out this article to learn how to export the database and import it in MySQL in-app(Preview) database. 4. How can I access phpmyadmin for MySQL in-app(Preview) database ? In the Azure portal , under your web app settings menu you have an option to manage your MySQL in-app(Preview) settings.  To learn more , click here. 5. What applications can I install with MySQL from Azure Web Marketplace? The following application will be available for Imagine  program :
  • Web app + MySQL
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal 8
  • MediaWiki
  • PHP starter site
  • PHPBB (with MYSQL )
You can turn on MySQL in-app(Preview) for your web app and bring your own custom PHP code or CMS solution.