Announcing Try App Service API Apps

less than 1 minute read • April 14, 2017

Alex Karcher
Today we are very excited to announce the addition of Azure API Apps to Try App Service. You can now create free trial API Apps with no credit card in a matter of seconds! API Apps provide a streamlined PaaS experience for hosting APIs. Leverage turnkey security, rich Visual Studio integration, and Swagger support to make the process of developing, hosting, and growing your API easy. To learn more about API Apps check out our docs! Try App Service Landing Page


We have two available to showcase API Apps:
  1. API Todo List: A simple REST API that would host the data for a todo list application. Read the Swagger document and then use the built in testing tools, or a 3rd party API testing suite like postman, to play with the API.
  2. API Contacts List:  A combination single page application and backend API. Experiment with adding and removing contacts from your list, and then use the Swagger doc to experiment with the underlying API calls.contactslistwebpageSwagger UI showing the underlying API in the contacts list API contactslistswagger

Click here to go try API Apps!