App Service Managed Certificate now in General Availability

1 minute read • By Yutang Lin • May 25, 2021

App Service Managed Certificate is now in General Availability for both apex domains and sub-domains. This feature allows customers to secure their custom domains on Linux and on Windows with an SSL certificate at no additional cost. This provides developers a zero-cost option to work on their dev, test, and production sites. This certificate offering is a managed experience that allows customers to just set-and-forget as the automatic certificate renewal and the binding update will be handled by App Service. App Service Managed Certificate is not meant to be used as a client certificate and it is only available for customers on multi-tenant App Service Plan of Basic and above (free, shared, and isolated tiers are not supported).

App Service Managed Certificate VS App Service Certificate

  App Service Managed Certificate App Service Certificate
Certificate offering Standard certificate Standard and wildcard certificate
Certificate offering No cost $69.99/year for standard and $299.99/year for wildcard
Apex domain support Yes Yes
Sub-domain support Yes Yes
Auto-renew Yes; cannot opt out Yes; can opt out during create or anytime afterwards
Auto-update SSL binding after renew Yes Yes

What to expect post GA?

  • There is an upcoming plan to remove thumbprint information from both portal and API to provide our customers a more managed experience for certificates without having to worry about all the details. Also, App Service Managed Certificate is not meant to be used as a client certificate.