Change domain contact information for App Service Domain

less than 1 minute read • January 10, 2018

If the registrant of the domain contact information has changed  and needs to be updated , follow the guidance below to make the necessary changes to make sure there is continuity of your use of the domain or any certificates associated with that domain. Follow these steps to update the contact information of your domain:
  1. Login to Azure portal  . Go to your domain within the Azure portal. Click on Advance management to go to advance management portal. 
  2. Select your domain that needs to be updated and Click on Manage 
  3. Click on view personal information if it is hidden . 
  4. Click on  Edit  to modify the contact information for the registrant of the domain. 
  5. Click on Save  to save the changes . 
  6. When the email of the contact information is updated , you will receive an approval request to the new email address updated in the contact information for the domain . Please complete this process to use the new email address with the domain.