App Service Mobile Apps .NET Client SDK 3.0.1 Release

less than 1 minute read • October 6, 2016

Mimi Xu (Azure)
We just rolled out Azure Mobile Client SDK 3.0.1 and Azure Mobile SQLiteStore 3.0.1! Here are the updates we made:
  1. This Mobile Client SDK release is out of 3.0.0-beta!
  2. The previous Mobile SQLiteStore 2.x.x libraries depending on SQLitePCL, which uses the Android system SQLiteStore, no longer works with Android Level 24/Android N. Starting with Android Level 24/Android N, the Android system SQLiteStore cannot be accessed expect through the android.database.sqlite Java wrapper (Eric Sink has a great blog post here detailing the issue). This enforcement from Android impacts customers working with native Android, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Forms Android. This 3.0.1 release updates the Mobile SQLiteStore library to take dependency on SQLitePCLRaw.bundle_green and SQLitePCLRaw.Core to resolve this problem.
  3. We unified versions across .NET Client SDK and SQLiteStore library to make dependencies and developer experience more straightforward.
To take advantage of the releases, simply uninstall dependencies to your client project and grab the latest versions with Visual Studio package manager. Let us know if you bump into any issues!