Pick the right data solution for Azure App Service

1 minute read • June 8, 2017

App Service makes building data driven solutions easier via the Azure portal. Azure app service supports various data solutions like SQL , MySQL  etc. To help understand how these data solutions work with App Service (Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Functions) and pick the right solution based on your needs, view the table below. 
* Free Azure SQL DB  offers one SQL Database per subscriptions limited to 32 MB for free for one year. ** Both Linux and Windows App service platforms support use of these data solutions , but based on your application framework you may require additional libraries in your application code to connect to the database. *** Currently App Service backup and restore feature does not support database connections over SSL. **** Azure Functions supports Azure SQL DB , MySQL and PostgreSQL via the  .NET SDK of these respective data services. For cosmos DB you can use binding or the SDK.
Azure SQL DB MySQL in-app  Azure Database for MySQL  Azure Database for PostgreSQL  Cosmos DB
Generally available  Public Preview  Public Preview
Free Database Tier  *
Managed Database as a Service
Remotely access database
Documentation link link link link link
Geo Replication
Firewall Configuration
Database Sharding /Partitioning 
Pricing link link link link
Region Availability  link
Linux Azure Web Apps ** link
Windows Azure Web Apps ** link
App service Backup and Restore ***
Azure Mobile App
Azure Functions ****