App Service Deployment Center (Preview)

1 minute read • June 4, 2018

Byron Tardif
  We are happy to announce a new preview experience for setting up deployments to Azure App Service. Deployment Center is a centralized overview for all of the deployment options available to you. It also provides a guided experience to set up your deployments. With the new UX you can now search and filter through your repositories and branches making navigation through large code repositories easier. search We have also revamped the access to log files making them easier to find and consume. logs Other improvements include:
  1. Link back to source repository (as requested in our Uservoice)
  2. Displaying the branch information (as requested in our Uservoice)
  3. Information about the Commit ID and Author
  4. Surfacing the Check-in message
All of these improvements are geared to help developers understand what version of their code is currently deployed in their app. image Deployment credential management is now contextualized to your deployment provider/method of choice. It is now easier to set and re-set credentials from the deployment center without having to visit another UI or abandon the flow. creds

Preview Limitations

  • This preview is currently available for Windows hosted apps and we plan to extend this to Linux and Functions in the coming months.
  • You must be part of the Owner role in the subscription to use this feature, we plan to remove this limitation in future releases.
If you find any issues with the preview you can report a bug here For any questions about any of this features or App Service be sure to check our forums in MSDN and Stack Overflow. For any feature requests or ideas check out our User Voice