Azure Mobile Apps for Apache Cordova reaches GA

1 minute read • November 30, 2016

Adrian Hall (MSFT)
Today, we are releasing the Azure Mobile Apps SDK for Apache Cordova as a GA product. This completes the suite of mobile platforms that Azure Mobile Apps supports. You can read more about this release: The full suite of SDKs for Azure Mobile Apps is:
  • iOS (Objective-C, Swift 2.2, Swift 2.3, Swift 3.0, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Forms, Apache Cordova)
  • Android (Java, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Apache Cordova)
  • Universal Windows (.NET, Xamarin.Forms, Apache Cordova)
  • Windows Phone 8.1 (.NET, Xamarin.Forms, Apache Cordova)
You can also integrate the same backend into your web and API applications using the Azure Mobile Apps HTML/JavaScript SDK or by integrating Azure Mobile Apps server-side SDKs into your ASP.NET MVC or Node/Express applications. All the SDKs support similar feature sets:
  • Data Access of SQL data with an OData v3 query structure.
  • Offline Sync of any SQL table exposed via data access.
  • Social authentication with client-side and server-side code to Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter services.
  • Enterprise authentication using client-side and server-side code via Azure Active Directory.
  • Cross-platform push registration to APNS, FCM, WNS and MPNS using Notification Hubs.
With this release, we are looking to the future. Some of the things we are looking at right now: You can find details for our various platforms, including quickstart tutorials, HOWTO documentation and in-depth API documentation: As always, please feel free to leave us feedback. We listen on Azure Forums and Stack Overflow. Our SDKs are all open-source, so you can file issues for questions, feature requests and bugs.