Function Proxies now Available in Functions Version 2.x!

less than 1 minute read • June 26, 2018

Alex Karcher
I'm very excited to announce the availability of Function Proxies in Functions Version 2.x! Function Proxies enable multiple HTTP Functions to be composited together, mock APIs and single page apps to be hosted in Functions, and HTTP requests to be modified in transit. All that functionality is now available alongside Java Functions, .NET Core Functions, and any other 2.x workloads! To learn about all the differences and improvements with 2.x going forward, check out our docs

Run Proxies on MacOS and Linux!

2.x support enables cross platform local execution of Proxies across Mac, Linux, and Windows! To learn more about Proxies check out the getting started docs! To run Proxies locally you'll need the 2.x runtime, with instructions here Make feature requests and file issues on our github page.