Azure Mobile Apps .NET SDK v3.0.2 Released

less than 1 minute read • October 11, 2016

Adrian Hall (MSFT)
Today, we released a patch version of the Azure Mobile Apps .NET SDK. If you have already adjusted your clients to use v3.0.1, then this update does not provide any benefit. However, if you are upgrading from v2.x to get support for Android Nougat, you should use v3.0.2. Here are the improvements:
  • (#233, #235, #240) The .NET SDK v3.0.1 required iOS and Android developers to create the offline database file prior to its use. This is no longer a requirement.
  • (#236) The SQLitePCL.Batteries.Init() initialization code was called multiple times. We also suggested that you call it yourself. You no longer have to call it yourself, and it is only called once.
  • (#231, #232) We have updated documentation. The documentation now clarifies our supported platforms, and the HOWTO includes the new instructions for working with offline data.
In addition, we've updated the quick start projects that you can download from the Azure portal to use the new SDK. As always, we encourage you to post on Stack Overflow if you are running into problems. If you find a bug or want a feature, please file an issue on our GitHub repository.