Streamlined integration of App Service and Application Insights

1 minute read • October 10, 2016

Byron Tardif

Application Insights helps you detect and diagnose quality issues in your web apps and services, and enables you to understand what users actually do with them.  We believe that Application Insights provides great value to Azure App Service users and that’s why we have made it super easy to enable this for your app from within the Azure portal.


The new Application Insights experience can be started form the Application Insights menu item in the monitoring section for any Web, Api or Mobile app.


If your app is not already configured to use Application Insights, the UX will allow you to link it to an existing Application Insights resource or create a new one on the fly.


Once the Application Insights resource has been created and the link between it and your app is in place, you will start to see data stream into the UX, assuming there is currently traffic on your app.

You can get even more data, customize views, queries and a lot more by going to the Application Insights resource blade:

You can learn more about Application Insights here

If you have any questions about this UX or App Service in general be sure to check our forums in MSDN and Stack Overflow and for any feature requests or ideas check out our User Voice