Announcing GA: WordPress on Azure App Service

less than 1 minute read • By Abhishek Reddy • August 8, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that WordPress on App Service that was under public preview since February 15, 2022, is now generally available. With advanced features and revised hosting plans, you can now deploy and manage WordPress websites with ease. We have continued to make improvements in performance and security so that you can deliver a great experience to your customers.

We recommend that you use Linux for your WordPress server. PHP on Windows will not be officially supported on App Service Platform after November 25, 2022.

Read the full announcement at Announcing the General Availability of WordPress on Azure App Service - Microsoft Tech Community.

You can go ahead and start creating a WordPress website at Create WordPress on App Service - Microsoft Azure or go to QuickStart: Create a WordPress site - Azure App Service | Microsoft Docs for a how-to guide to build your WordPress website in Azure App Service.