New Price Drops for App Service on Linux

2 minute read • September 12, 2018

Jennifer Lee (MSFT)
Have you tried bringing your code or bringing your container to App Service on Linux yet? App Service on Linux is a fully managed platform that allows you to quickly build, deploy, and globally scale your apps. You can bring your code to App Service on Linux and take advantage of the built-in images for popular supported language stacks, such as Node, Java, PHP, etc, or bring your Docker container to easily deploy to Web App for Containers. We have seen strong adoption since the General Availability of App Service on Linux and Web App for Containers in September 2017. Image result for web app for containers Basic and Premium Price Drop To encourage further adoption, we’re happy to announce a 30% price drop for the Basic App Service Plan for Linux, and a 20% price drop for the Premium App Service Plan for Linux. The price change takes effect on October 1st, 2018. Learn about more details on the App Service Pricing page. Please note the price change applies to any existing Linux Basic and Premium App Service Plans as well as new Basic and Premium App Service Plans created on or after the effective date.    Linux on ASE GA Price Offering As some of you may know, we announced that Linux on App Service Environment (ASE) is now generally available. Because Linux on App Service Environment combines the features from App Service on Linux and App Service Environment, Linux customers will be able to take advantage of deploying Linux and containerized apps in an App Service Environment. This is ideal for deploying applications into an Azure Virtual Network for secure network access or apps running at a high scale.  

🔒Lock down your app in an Azure Virtual Network (VNet)

🎨Run Windows, Linux, and containerized apps in the same ASE

📈Use the Isolated SKU with Dv2 VMs and scale up to 100 VMs

🌏GA and 20+ Azure regions available

Linux on ASE saw healthy adoption during preview, and we’d like to encourage further adoption now that we’re in General Availability. Taking that into consideration, we’re extending the preview price (for Linux on ASE, which is the Linux Isolated App Service Plan SKU) for a limited time through GA! Please note that when this limited time GA price offering ends, the final Linux on ASE price will be approximately twice the price of our Premium SKU. (Once the price offering ends, the prices will be closer to Windows on ASE.) While the date for the GA price change is TBD, a 30-day notice will be given and announced here on our App Service Team Blog as well.   Now is the time to bring your code or bring your Docker container to App Service on Linux!