Azure Functions feeding your Serverless appetite at Microsoft Ignite 2018!

4 minute read • September 20, 2018

Oded Dvoskin
Microsoft Ignite is taking place between September 24-28 and we can't wait for it to finally arrive! We are looking forward to all the great interactions with our customers, learning about the various new scenarios being solved with Serverless and of course announcing all the exciting news we've been keeping under the wraps! Can't make it to Ignite? No worries, we've got you covered! Log in to the Microsoft Ignite site to tune in to the keynotes live. We'll also publish recordings of all the sessions presented a few days later. If you're at Ignite, please join us for these following sessions which will give you the very best of what Azure Functions has to offer at Ignite! Just log in to your session scheduler to save these sessions and attend them all.

Build real-time serverless apps with Azure Functions and SignalR Service

In this session, learn how the Azure Functions integration with Azure SignalR Service works, so you can work with it using all languages supported by Functions and integrate different Azure services for real-time tasks to build an entirely serverless web application. Speaker: Anthony Chu. Code: THR2195. Time: Monday at 6:25pm.  

Azure Functions for the enterprise

Serverless solutions are a common developer’s choice these days, due to clear productivity benefits. However, when using such solutions in the enterprise, many other important aspects come to mind, such as security, monitoring, scalability and DevOps. In this session we explore how serverless development with the Azure platform helps you get to market faster while still fulfilling all your administration policies. We dive deeply into the features Azure Functions provides to delight both developers and IT, as well as best practices for using them in your enterprise-grade serverless solutions. Speakers: Jeff Hollan, Matthew Henderson. Code: BRK3348. Time: Tuesday at 9:00am.  

Build intelligent serverless applications

From data ingestion, processing, model training, model updates to prediction - machine learning is hard! Join us to learn how serverless makes it all easier so you can stop worrying about managing the underlying infrastructure and focus on getting the most value out of your data, whether you're running in the cloud or on an IoT device. Speakers: Asavari Tayal, Colby Tresness. Code: BRK3352. Time: Wednesday at 9:00am.  

Build microservices applications with a serverless architecture

When you learn how to build your cloud-native applications using a PaaS architecture, infrastructure management or scaling based on demand isn't a problem anymore. In this session, we discuss how to go all serverless on microservices-based applications with a reference architecture, including data storage, endpoints management, and compute services. Speaker: Gorka Madariaga Nuñez. Code: BRK2027. Time: Wednesday at 3:15pm.  

Machine Learning using Python in Azure Functions

Learn how to build smarter serverless workloads with Azure Functions powering machine learning and data analysis models using Python. Speaker: Asavari Tayal. Code: THR2201. Time: Wednesday at 5:05pm.  

Azure Functions internals

Join our product engineering team on a technically deep lap around Azure Functions. Learn how Azure Functions enables you to quickly and easily deploy application services that scale massively in a cost-effective way, without having to worry about infrastructure and server management. This session goes beyond the basics to show you behind the scenes details on the latest advancements made by the product team. Azure Functions users learn new concepts in a demo-driven session covering topics like deployment, service management, and monitoring. Speakers: Eduardo Laureano, Fabio Cavalcante. Code: BRK4020. Time: Thursday at 9:00am.  

Serverless real use cases and best practices

Let's take a look at real cases from our customers worldwide, to learn how they solved their problems through our serverless platform, as well as best practices (and some caveats) from the architectures used developing these solutions. Speakers: Eduardo Laureano, Thiago Almeida, Nick Lizotte. Code: BRK2202. Time: Thursday at 12:45pm.  

Automate your cloud infrastructure with Azure Functions, Azure Automation, and more

Companies are constantly increasing their cloud footprint, creating a wealth of resources that need to managed. IT professionals are looking for the most efficient ways to automate management operations on those resources. Learn in this session the multiple ways in which you can simplify your life by using Azure Functions, Azure Automation, Logic Apps and Event Grid. After this session, you will be armed with choices that fit your preferences and needs. Speakers: Colby Tresness, Eamon O'Reilly. Code: BRK2208. Time: Friday at 10:45am.  

Even more!

In addition to these fantastic sessions, we are also holding a live webcast on Thursday, September 27th at 2:15pm EST. Tune in to to hear a recap of all our announcements and get an opportunity to ask Jeff and Eduardo live questions! Lastly, if you want to score a special prize, check out the questions here, write them down and come to our booth with the correct answers for a surprise. Of course, you can always stop by our booth regardless, meet the team, get your most burning questions answered and score some swag!   See you all soon at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando!