The Zend Z-Ray debugging feature will be discontinued in Azure App Service on June 7, 2019

1 minute read • By Byron Tardif • February 5, 2019

The Z-Ray PHP debugging feature will soon be discontinued in App Service. This shouldn’t affect the App Service service-level agreement (SLA) or the runtime behavior of your applications.

Beginning March 9, 2019, Z-Ray will no longer be available for purchase in the Azure portal. If you already have applications configured with Z-Ray, you may continue to use it until June 7, 2019. After that date, the Z-Ray feature will be removed from all applications and you’ll no longer be charged for it.

Have you configured Zend Z-Ray for your app?

Even though no action is required for customers that have configured Zend Z-Ray for the app, you can look for instances of Zend Z-Ray using the Azure Cloud Shell and one of the following sample scripts:

Azure Powershell

Get-AzResource -ResourceType Microsoft.Web/sites/premieraddons `
   | Where-Object {$ -like '*/zray*'} `
   | Select-Object Name,ResourceGroupName,ResourceType

Azure CLI

az resource  list --query "[?contains(name, 'zray') && type=='Microsoft.Web/sites/premieraddons'].{Name:name, RG:resourceGroup, Type:type}" --output table

Manually Removing Zend Z-Ray debugging

Once you have identified Zend Z-Ray instances in your subscription you can manually delete them using the portal.

  1. Browse to the Resource Group containing the Zend Z-Ray instance.
  2. Enable the Show Hidden Types option.
  3. Select the Zend Z-Ray instance using the checkbox associated with this item.
  4. Click on Delete in the Resource Group command bar
  5. Confirm the action.

Once the Zend Z-Ray resource has been manually deleted any monthly charges associated with it will also stop.

Delete Z-Ray

If you have questions, please contact Azure Support.