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Working with baselines#

A baseline is a standard PSRule artifact that combines rules and configuration. PSRule for Azure provides several baselines that can be referenced when running PSRule.


This topic covers how to use the baselines shipped with PSRule for Azure.

Quarterly baselines#

PSRule for Azure ships new rules on a monthly cadence. As new rules are added, existing pipelines that previously passed may fail based on additional requirements. It is generally expected that files committed to an integration branch such as main continue to pass.

PSRule for Azure addresses this through quarterly baselines that provide:

  • Greater consistency — Quarterly baselines provide a stable checkpoint of rules to use. Each quarterly baseline includes rules for generally available (GA) and preview Azure features to date. Rules released after the quarterly baseline are added to the next quarterly baseline. New quarterly baselines are released every three (3) months. Baselines are named Azure.GA_yyyy_mm and Azure.Preview_yyyy_mm based on the release year/ month.
  • Incremental adoption — It may not be possibly to implement new rules immediately. Existing backlogs or timelines may make it impossible to add new requirements until a future sprint. In a future sprint, bump the quarterly baseline to the latest release to get the additional rules.

Considerations for adopting a quarterly baseline include:

  • The quarterly baselines older than the latest are flagged as obsolete. Obsolete baselines can still be used, however will generate a warning.
  • As Azure evolves there may be cases where a feature change means a rule is no longer required. In these cases, a rule may be removed from PSRule for Azure and any applicable baselines.
  • Separate quarterly baselines for Azure GA and preview features are provided. The baseline for GA features is named Azure.GA_yyyy_mm and preview features is named Azure.Preview_yyyy_mm.


When using a quarterly baseline, by default PSRule will ignore custom/ standalone rules. To include custom rules, set the Rule.IncludeLocal option to true. This is described further in including custom rules.


The preview quarterly baselines includes Azure features released under preview only. This is different from the Azure.Preview baseline which contains GA and preview features.


Quarterly baselines don't address all cases where a previously passing pipeline may fail, specifically:

  • As bugs are identified they are corrected and shipped in the next minor or patch release. If the rule was not correctly working previously, failures may be generated after the fix. To workaround this you can either:
    • Create a temporary suppression to ignore the issue.
    • Install a previous version of the PSRule for Azure module.
  • Rule configuration defaults change. Currently rule configuration defaults are not included in quarterly baselines. To workaround this, override the rule configuration option by setting the value in ps-rule.yaml.

Pillar specific baselines#


Pillar specific baselines includes rules aligned to a specific Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework pillar.

Use these baselines to focus on improvement aligned to a specific area of the Azure Well-Architected Framework. Only rules that related to GA Azure features are included in these baselines. These baselines are best used for ad-hoc scans.

The following baselines are available:

  • Azure.Pillar.CostOptimization — A baseline that only includes cost optimization rules.
  • Azure.Pillar.OperationalExcellence — A baseline that only includes operational excellence rules.
  • Azure.Pillar.PerformanceEfficiency — A baseline that only includes performance efficiency rules.
  • Azure.Pillar.Reliability — A baseline that only includes reliability rules.
  • Azure.Pillar.Security — A baseline that only includes security rules.

Additional standard baselines#

In additional to quarterly and pillar specific baselines, some additional baselines exist:

  • Azure.Default — Includes rules for GA Azure features. This is the default baseline that is used when no baseline is specified. Rules for Azure features that are within the scope of a public or private preview are not included.
  • Azure.Preview — Includes all rules for GA and preview Azure features.
  • Azure.All — Includes all Azure rules shipped with PSRule for Azure. This is functionally the same as Azure.Preview however intended for internal use only.
  • Azure.MCSB.v1 — Includes rules related to Microsoft cloud security benchmark (MCSB) controls. This baseline is currently experimental and may change in future releases. You can learn more about MCSB within PSRule for Azure in the Microsoft cloud security benchmark (MCSB) topic.

Using baselines#

To use a baseline within a CI pipeline specify the baseline by name. See reference for a list baselines shipped with PSRule for Azure.

Update your GitHub Actions workflow by specifying baseline: <name_of_baseline>.

# Analyze Azure resources using PSRule for Azure
- name: Analyze Azure template files
  uses: microsoft/ps-rule@v2.9.0
    modules: 'PSRule.Rules.Azure'
    baseline: 'Azure.GA_2023_12'

Update your Azure DevOps YAML pipeline by specifying baseline: <name_of_baseline>.

# Analyze Azure resources using PSRule for Azure
- task: ps-rule-assert@2
  displayName: Analyze Azure template files
    modules: 'PSRule.Rules.Azure'
    baseline: 'Azure.GA_2023_12'

Update your PowerShell command-line with -Baseline <name_of_baseline>.

With Assert-PSRule
Assert-PSRule -Format File -InputPath '.' -Module 'PSRule.Rules.Azure' -Baseline 'Azure.GA_2023_12'
With Invoke-PSRule
Invoke-PSRule -Format File -InputPath '.' -Module 'PSRule.Rules.Azure' -Baseline 'Azure.GA_2023_12'

Creating baselines#

To create your own baselines see the PSRule help topic about_PSRule_Baseline.

Including custom rules#


The quarterly baselines shipped with PSRule for Azure target a subset of rules for GA Azure features. When you specify a baseline, custom rules you create and store in .ps-rule/ will be ignored by default.

To change this behavior, set the Rule.IncludeLocal option to true. This option can be set in ps-rule.yaml.

# YAML: Enable custom rules that don't exist in the baseline
  includeLocal: true