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Upgrade Kubernetes version#

Reliability · Azure Kubernetes Service · Azure.AKS.Version

AKS control plane and nodes pools should use a current stable release.


The AKS support policy for Kubernetes is include N-2 stable minor releases. Additionally two patch releases for each minor version are supported.

A list of available Kubernetes versions can be found using the az aks get-versions -o table --location <location> CLI command.


Consider upgrading AKS control plane and nodes pools to the latest stable version of Kubernetes.


Configure with Azure CLI#

az aks upgrade -n '<name>' -g '<resource_group>' --kubernetes-version '<version>'

Configure with Azure PowerShell#

Set-AzAksCluster -Name '<name>' -ResourceGroupName '<resource_group>' -KubernetesVersion '<version>'


To configure this rule:

  • Override the Azure_AKSMinimumVersion configuration value with the minimum Kubernetes version.

Last update: 2021-09-24