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Use resource tags#

Operational Excellence · All resources · 2020_06

Azure resources should be tagged using a standard convention.


Azure Resource Manager (ARM) supports a flexible tagging model that allows each resource to be tagged. Tags are additional metadata that improves identification of resources and aids lifecycle management.

Azure stores tags as name/ value pairs such as environment = production or costCode = 349921.

A well defined tagging approach improves the management, billing and automation operations of resources. When planning tags, identify information that is meaningful to business and technical staff.

Azure provides several built-in policies to managed tags. Using these policies help enforce a tagging standard can reduce overall management Resource tags can be inherited from subscriptions or resource groups using Azure Policy.


Consider tagging resources using a standard convention. Identify mandatory and optional tags then tag all resources and resource groups using this standard.

Also consider using Azure Policy to enforce mandatory tags.


Azure Policy includes the following built-in policies to enforce tagging:

  • Require a tag on resources
  • Require a tag on resource groups

Last update: 2021-07-04