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Use health probes for Front Door backends#

Reliability · Front Door · 2021_03

Configure and enable health probes for each backend pool.


The health and performance of an application can degrade over time. Degradation might not be noticeable until the application fails.

Azure Front Door can use periodic health probes against backend endpoints to determine health status. When one or more backend in a pool is healthy traffic is routed to healthy endpoints only. If all endpoints in a pool is unhealthy Front Door sends the request to any enabled endpoint.

Health probes allow Front Door to select a backend endpoint able to respond to the request.


Consider enabling a health probe for each Front Door backend endpoint.


Configure with Azure CLI#

az network front-door probe update --front-door-name '<front_door>' -n '<probe_name>' -g '<resource_group>' --enabled 'Enabled'

Configure with Azure PowerShell#

$probeSetting = New-AzFrontDoorHealthProbeSettingObject -Name '<probe_name>' -EnabledState 'Enabled'
Set-AzFrontDoor -Name '<front_door>' -ResourceGroupName '<resource_group>' -HealthProbeSetting $probeSetting

Last update: 2022-05-26