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Use HEAD health probes for Front Door backends#

Reliability · Front Door · 2021_03

Configure health probes to use HEAD instead of GET requests.


Azure Front Door supports sending HEAD or GET requests for health probes to backend endpoints. HTTP HEAD requests are identical to GET requests except that the server does not send a response body. To lower load and performance cost against backends use HEAD requests.


Consider configuring health probes to query backend health endpoints using HEAD requests.


Configure with Azure CLI#

az network front-door probe update --front-door-name '<front_door>' -n '<probe_name>' -g '<resource_group>' --probeMethod  'HEAD'

Configure with Azure PowerShell#

$probeSetting = New-AzFrontDoorHealthProbeSettingObject -Name '<probe_name>' -HealthProbeMethod 'HEAD'
Set-AzFrontDoor -Name '<front_door>' -ResourceGroupName '<resource_group>' -HealthProbeSetting $probeSetting

Last update: 2021-07-04