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Nodes use a minimum number of pods#

Performance Efficiency · Azure Kubernetes Service · 2020_06

Azure Kubernetes Cluster (AKS) nodes should use a minimum number of pods.


Node pools within a Azure Kubernetes Cluster (AKS) support between 30 and 250 pods per node. The maximum number of pods for nodes within a node pool is set at deployment time.

When deploying AKS clusters with kubernet networking the default maximum number of pods is 110. For Azure CNI AKS clusters, the default maximum number of pods is 30.

In many environments, deploying DaemonSets for monitoring and management tools can exhaust the CNI default.


Consider deploying node pools with a minimum number of pods per node.


By default, this rule fails when node pools have maxPods set to less than 50.

To configure this rule:

  • Override the Azure_AKSNodeMinimumMaxPods configuration value with the minimum maxPods.

Last update: 2022-12-03