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Attach NIC or clean up#

Cost Optimization · Network Interface · Rule · 2020_06 · Awareness

Network interfaces (NICs) that are not used should be removed.


Network interfaces (NICs) are used to attach services to a virtual network (VNET). Each NIC is deployed as a separate resource, however they are intended to be used with a related service. A NIC that is not attached to a related service performs no purpose.

Keeping unused resources in code or deployed in Azure can lead to confusion and distract attention away from active resources. Avoid unnecessary complexity that can increase the time required to develop, test, and maintain the workload.

Example of services that use NICs include:

  • Virtual Machines.
  • Private Endpoints.
  • Private Link Services.


Consider removing network interfaces that are not required to keep deployments lean and focus personnel time on active resources. Also consider using Resource Groups to help manage the lifecycle of related resources together.