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Redis Cache minimum TLS version#

Security · Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise · 2022_09

Redis Cache should reject TLS versions older than 1.2.


The minimum version of TLS that Redis Cache accepts is configurable. Older TLS versions are no longer considered secure by industry standards, such as PCI DSS.

Azure lets you disable outdated protocols and require connections to use a minimum of TLS 1.2. By default, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2 is accepted.


Consider configuring the minimum supported TLS version to be 1.2. Support for TLS 1.0/ 1.1 version will be removed.


To disable old versions of TLS on Redis Cache Enterprise using PowerShell

Azure PowerShell snippet
Set-AzRedisCache -Name <YourRedisName> -MinimumTlsVersion '1.2'

Last update: 2022-12-03