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Cognitive Search minimum SKU#

Performance Efficiency · Cognitive Search · 2021_06

Use the basic and standard tiers for entry level workloads.


Cognitive Search services using the Free tier run on resources shared across multiple subscribers. The Free tier is only suggested for limited small scale tests such as running code samples or tutorials.

Running more demanding workloads on the Free tier may experience unpredictable performance or issues.

To select a tier for your workload, estimate and test your required capacity.


Consider deploying Cognitive Search services using basic or higher tier.


Configure with Azure template#

To deploy Cognitive Search services that pass this rule:

  • Set the to a minimum of basic.

For example:

Azure Template snippet
    "apiVersion": "2020-08-01",
    "name": "[parameters('serviceName')]",
    "location": "[parameters('location')]",
    "type": "Microsoft.Search/searchServices",
    "identity": {
        "type": "SystemAssigned"
    "sku": {
        "name": "basic"
    "properties": {
        "replicaCount": 3,
        "partitionCount": 1,
        "hostingMode": "default"
    "tags": {},
    "dependsOn": []

Last update: 2022-12-03