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Use parameter file metadata link#

Operational Excellence · All resources · Rule · 2021_09 · Important

Configure a metadata link for each parameter file.


A parameter file can include an additional metadata. This metadata provides additional context for use of the parameter file.

PSRule for Azure uses the metadata.template property within parameter files to store a metadata link. A metadata link, is an explicit association between a parameter file it's intended template file.

This rule is disabled by default but can be enabled by configuring AZURE_PARAMETER_FILE_METADATA_LINK. Enable this rule to ensure that each parameter file has a metadata link to a valid template file.


Consider setting metadata for each parameter file linking to the deployment template.


Configure parameter file#

To create parameter files that pass this rule:

  • Set the metadata.template property to a valid template file path.

For example:

Azure Template snippet
    "$schema": "",
    "contentVersion": "",
    "metadata": {
        "template": "templates/storage/v1/template.json"
    "parameters": {
        "storageAccountName": {
            "value": "..."


Enable this rule by setting the AZURE_PARAMETER_FILE_METADATA_LINK option to true.