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This article provides troubleshooting instructions for common errors.

Could not load file or assembly YamlDotNet#

PSRule >=1.3.0 uses an updated version of the YamlDotNet library. The PSRule for Azure <1.3.1 uses an older version of this library which may conflict.

To avoid this issue:

  • Update to the latest version and use PSRule for Azure >=1.3.1 with PSRule >=1.3.0.
  • Alternatively, when using PSRule for Azure <1.3.1 use PSRule =1.2.0.

To install the latest module version of PSRule use the following commands:

Install-Module -Name PSRule.Rules.Azure -MinimumVersion 1.3.1 -Scope CurrentUser -Force;

For the PSRule GitHub Action, use >=1.4.0.

- name: Run PSRule analysis
  uses: Microsoft/ps-rule@v1.4.0

Last update: 2022-01-19