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Policy as rules#

PSRule for Azure allows you to export your current Azure Policy assignments out as rules to enforce controls during development. This allows you to:

  • Reuse controls — that have already deployed with implementation of guardrails in your environment. For example: Azure Cloud Adoption Framework or regulatory compliance standards.
  • Reduce deployment issues — by identifying Azure Policy controls that could prevent a deployment from succeeding.


This topic covers using policy as rules which allows you to use Azure Policy as rules to test Infrastructure as Code.

Experimental - Learn more

Policy as rules are a work in progress. As always if you find bugs/ errors or if something just doesn't work as your expect it to, please let us know. You can log a bug on GitHub or provide feedback here.


This feature does not support:

  • Resource provider modes — evaluate data plane information exposed at runtime. Policies that target resource provider modes are automatically ignored.
  • Disabled policies — Policy definitions with the effect Disabled are ignored.
  • Unassigned policies — Only policy definitions assigned to a scope are exported.
  • Policies that check for assessment status — Some policies use additional detection tools to check for compliance. Policies that check for assessment status are ignored.
  • Importing rules — Rules generated from policy assignments cannot be imported back into Azure Policy.

Using policy as rules#

Using policy as rules is a two step process:

  1. Export assignment data from Azure.
  2. Convert assignments to rules.

Export assignment data#

Run Export-AzPolicyAssignmentData to export assignments from Azure to an *.assignment.json file.

Key points:

  • Before running this command, connect to an Azure subscription by installing the Az PowerShell module and using Connect-AzAccount.
  • This command has no required parameters, and by default will export all assignments from you current Azure subscription. You can change the current Azure subscription by using Set-AzContext.

Convert assignments to rules#

Run Export-AzPolicyAssignmentRuleData to convert assignments to rules. To run this command an -AssignmentFile parameter with the path to the assignment JSON file generated in the previous step.

After the command completes a new file *.Rule.jsonc should be generated containing generated rules.

Last update: 2023-08-20