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Mock policy

Mock responses

Mocking in Azure API Management is a useful mechanism for API consumers to interact with APIs without waiting for the backend to be ready.

  • Open the Star Wars API and select + Add Operation
  • Create a new GET operation:
    • Display name: Get Film
    • Name: get-film
    • URL: /film
  • In the Responses configuration tab, press + Add response, return 200 OK with a representation with content type application/json and this sample data:

      "count": 1,
      "films": [{ "title": "A New Hope", "release-date": "05/25/1977" }]

    APIM Policy Mock Frontend

  • Press Save.
  • Open the Inbound processing Code View
  • Add Mock Response under Other policies after the <base /> tag.

        <base />
        <mock-response status-code="200" content-type="application/json" />

    APIM Policy Mock Inbound

  • Invoke the API to receive a 200 success with the mocked film data.

    APIM Policy Mock Response