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Naming conventions

Before starting to deploy any Azure services, it’s important to follow a naming convention. Based on the official documentation we need to define a few things:

  • The application name
  • The environment
  • The region
  • The instance number

We will also add an owner property, so for the purpose of this lab the values will be:

  • The application name: hol (for Hands On Lab)
  • The environment: dev
  • The region: we
  • The instance: 01
  • The owner: ms

So we will use this convention:

<!--If the resource prefix has a dash: -->
<!--If the resource does not allow any special caracters: -->

For instance, for a resouce group you will name it rg-dev-we-hol-ms-01 and for a storage account you will have: stdevweholms01.

Be sure to use your own value to have unique names or use your own convention based on the official resource abbreviations