ServiceBus Supported Resources

To install the CRDs for these resources, your ASO configuration must include* as a one of the configured CRD patterns. See CRD Management in ASO for details on doing this for both Helm and YAML based installations.


These resource(s) are available for use in the current release of ASO. Different versions of a given resource reflect different versions of the Azure ARM API.

Resource ARM Version CRD Version Supported From Sample
Namespace 2022-10-01-preview v1api20221001preview v2.3.0 View
Namespace 2021-11-01 v1api20211101 v2.3.0 View
Namespace 2021-01-01-preview v1api20210101preview v2.0.0 View
NamespacesAuthorizationRule 2022-10-01-preview v1api20221001preview v2.3.0 View
NamespacesAuthorizationRule 2021-11-01 v1api20211101 v2.3.0 View
NamespacesAuthorizationRule 2021-01-01-preview v1api20210101preview v2.1.0 View
NamespacesQueue 2022-10-01-preview v1api20221001preview v2.3.0 View
NamespacesQueue 2021-11-01 v1api20211101 v2.3.0 View
NamespacesQueue 2021-01-01-preview v1api20210101preview v2.0.0 View
NamespacesTopic 2022-10-01-preview v1api20221001preview v2.3.0 View
NamespacesTopic 2021-11-01 v1api20211101 v2.3.0 View
NamespacesTopic 2021-01-01-preview v1api20210101preview v2.0.0 View
NamespacesTopicsSubscription 2022-10-01-preview v1api20221001preview v2.3.0 View
NamespacesTopicsSubscription 2021-11-01 v1api20211101 v2.3.0 View
NamespacesTopicsSubscription 2021-01-01-preview v1api20210101preview v2.0.0 View
NamespacesTopicsSubscriptionsRule 2022-10-01-preview v1api20221001preview v2.3.0 View
NamespacesTopicsSubscriptionsRule 2021-11-01 v1api20211101 v2.3.0 View
NamespacesTopicsSubscriptionsRule 2021-01-01-preview v1api20210101preview v2.0.0 View


These resource versions are deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming ASO release. Migration to newer versions is advised. See Breaking Changes for more information.

Resource ARM Version CRD Version Supported From Sample
Namespace 2021-01-01-preview v1beta20210101preview v2.0.0-beta.0 View
NamespacesQueue 2021-01-01-preview v1beta20210101preview v2.0.0-beta.0 View
NamespacesTopic 2021-01-01-preview v1beta20210101preview v2.0.0-beta.0 View
NamespacesTopicsSubscription 2021-01-01-preview v1beta20210101preview v2.0.0-beta.3 View
NamespacesTopicsSubscriptionsRule 2021-01-01-preview v1beta20210101preview v2.0.0-beta.3 View