Running integration tests

Basic use: run task controller:test-integration-envtest.


The task controller:test-integration-envtest runs the tests in a record/replay mode by default, so that it does not touch any live Azure resources. (This uses the go-vcr library.) If you change the controller or other code in such a way that the required requests/responses from ARM change, you will need to update the recordings.

To do this, delete the recordings for the failing tests (under {test-dir}/recordings/{test-name}.yaml), and re-run controller:test-integration-envtest. If the test passes, a new recording will be saved, which you can commit to include with your change. All authentication and subscription information is removed from the recording.

To run the test and produce a new recording you will need to have set the required authentication environment variables AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_ID and AZURE_TENANT_ID, and logged in via az login (or you just use the task commands mentioned below and it will prompt you to az login if needed for that specific command). Note that you must be Owner on the subscription to execute some tests in record mode.

A few tests also need the TEST_BILLING_ID environment variable set to a valid Azure Billing ID when running in record mode. In replay mode this variable is never required. Note that the billing ID is redacted from all recording files so that the resulting file can be replayed by anybody, even somebody who does not know the Billing ID the test was recorded with.

Some Azure resources take longer to provision or delete than the default test timeout of 15m. To change the timeout, set TIMEOUT to a suitable value when running task. For example, to give your test a 60m timeout, use:

TIMEOUT=60m task controller:test-integration-envtest

Running live tests

If you want to skip all recordings and run all tests directly against live Azure resources, you can use the controller:test-integration-envtest-live task. This will also require you to set the authentication environment variables and az login, as detailed above.

Running a single test

By default task controller:test-integration-envtest and its variants run all tests. This is often undesirable as you may just be working on a single feature or test. In order to run a subset of tests, use the TEST_FILTER:

TEST_FILTER=<test_name_regex> task controller:test-integration-envtest

or, with a timeout:

TIMEOUT=10m TEST_FILTER=<test_name_regex> task controller:test-integration-envtest