v2.8.0 Breaking Changes

ManagedCluster property .spec.properties.windowsProfile.adminPassword is now a SecretReference rather than a string

The spec.properties.windowsProfile.adminPassword on ManagedCluster has been changed from a string to a SecretReference.

We try to avoid breaking changes, but in this case, allowing raw passwords in the spec is a security problem and as such we’ve decided to make a break to correct this issue.

Action required: If the containerservice.azure.com/ManagedCluster resource is used in your cluster and the spec.properties.windowsProfile.adminPassword property is set, do the following before upgrading ASO:

  1. Annotate the resource with serviceoperator.azure.com/reconcile-policy: skip to prevent ASO from trying to reconcile the resource while you are upgrading.
  2. Save the current YAML for the resource using kubectl if you don’t have it elsewhere.
  3. Create a kubernetes secret containing the value from spec.properties.windowsProfile.adminPassword.
  4. Edit the resource YAML in step 2, and add a secret key and name reference. Example here.
  5. Delete the resource from your cluster using kubectl delete. Your Azure resource will be left untouched because of the reconcile-policy annotation you added above.
  6. Upgrade ASO in your cluster.
  7. Apply the updated YAML to your cluster using kubectl apply. If any errors occur, address them.
  8. If the reconcile-policy annotation is still present, remove it from the resource.

Use “never” rather than "" to prevent syncing for AZURE_SYNC_PERIOD

The documentation always said that an AZURE_SYNC_PERIOD of "" meant to use the default value (15m), but in actuality in the code "" meant never sync. This corrects the behavior to be as documented. After this release, the behavior is as follows:

omitted/not set Use default value (15m)
"" Use default value (15m)
“never” Do not sync

If you intend to prevent ASO from periodically syncing with Azure, set AZURE_SYNC_PERIOD to "never". For more information, see #3965.

Upcoming breaking changes

v20230202preview ManagedCluster will be removed, due to underlying Azure API version deprecation

Other versions will continue to be supported. We recommend you move to use a different CRD version to avoid seeing errors from Azure due to the 2023-02-02-preview API being deprecated.