Each resource reports a Ready condition in .status.conditions. It is also visible when you examine the resource with kubectl get, for example:

$ kubectl get 
NAME            READY     SEVERITY   REASON          MESSAGE
aso-sample-rg   False     Info       Reconciling     The resource is in the process of being reconciled by the operator   

If the condition’s status is True (visible in the READY column via kubectl get) the resource is in the goal state. No more reconciliations will be performed until a change is detected.


When a conditions status is not True, it will include a severity and message detailing the problem (if any). The possible severities are:

  • Info: The resource is working as intended. It may be taking a while to get to the goal state. The message field describes what the operator is working on.
  • Warning: There may be a problem with the resource. The operator does not believe that this problem is fatal. Reconciliation will continue. Examine the message for more details.
  • Error: There is a problem with the resource. The operator has given up reconciling this resource and requires you to make a change to correct the problem. See the message for specific details about the problem. The resource will stay in this state until user action is taken.