v2.4.0 Breaking Changes

Beta CRD versions have been removed

You cannot successfully upgrade to v2.4.0 until you have followed the migration steps below:

  1. If you have never installed a beta version of ASOv2, or used an beta version of a CRD, no action is required. If you’re not sure, run the below steps anyway. They will not do anything if beta was never used.
  2. Ensure the cluster is running the v2.3.0 version of ASO.
  3. Install the v2.4.0 version of the asoctl tool by following the installation instructions
  4. Run asoctl clean crds. This will migrate your resources to a newer version if needed and remove the beta CRD versions from the CRD Status.StoredVersions collection. For more details on this command see the asoctl clean crds documentation

Once you have successfully executed the above steps, you can upgrade to v2.4.0.

When upgrading to v2.4.0 the following error in the operator pod logs means that you need to run the above steps:

E1113 22:24:48.837454       1 setup.go:193] "msg"="failed to apply CRDs" "error"="failed to apply CRD flexibleserversdatabases.dbforpostgresql.azure.com: CustomResourceDefinition.apiextensions.k8s.io \"flexibleserversdatabases.dbforpostgresql.azure.com\" is invalid: status.storedVersions[0]: Invalid value: \"v1beta20210601storage\": must appear in spec.versions" "logger"="setup"