Developer Dependencies

Development of Azure Service Operator depends on a number of development tools and libraries that need to be installed.

If you prefer to install those dependencies manually (instead of using the .devcontainer/ script), here is a list of what’s required.

Dependency Version Reference
AZ latest
AZWI v1.2.0
BuildX v0.11.2
cmctl latest
controller-gen v0.14.0
conversion-gen v0.28.8
gen-crd-api-reference-docs 11fe95cb
Go 1.22 #
gofumpt latest
golangci-lint 1.51.2
Helm v3.8.0
htmltest latest (but see for our custom build )
hugo v0.88.1
kind v0.20.0
kustomize v4.5.7
PostCSS latest
setup-envtest latest
Task v3.31
Trivy v0.37.3
YQ v4.13.0

Dependencies are listed alphabetically. Refer to for a recommended order of installation.

To update this file:

  • Modify the file header content in docs/v2/;
  • Modify the file footer in docs/v2/; or
  • Modify the dependencies installed by .devcontainer/

Regenerate the file using task:

$ task doc:dependencies

Finally, submit the update as a PR.