Network Supported Resources

Next Release

Development of these new resources is complete and they will be available in the next release of ASO.

Resource ARM Version CRD Version Supported From Sample
BastionHost 2022-07-01 v1api20220701 v2.1.0 View
DnsZone 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesAAAARecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesARecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesCAARecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesCNAMERecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesMXRecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesNSRecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesPTRRecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesSRVRecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
DnsZonesTXTRecord 2018-05-01 v1api20180501 v2.1.0 View
LoadBalancersInboundNatRule 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.1.0 View
NatGateway 2022-07-01 v1api20220701 v2.1.0 View
PublicIPPrefix 2022-07-01 v1api20220701 v2.1.0 View


These resource(s) are available for use in the current release of ASO. Different versions of a given resource reflect different versions of the Azure ARM API.

Resource ARM Version CRD Version Supported From Sample
LoadBalancer 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
NetworkInterface 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
NetworkSecurityGroup 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
NetworkSecurityGroupsSecurityRule 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZone 2018-09-01 v1api20180901 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZonesAAAARecord 2020-06-01 v1api20200601 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZonesARecord 2020-06-01 v1api20200601 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZonesCNAMERecord 2020-06-01 v1api20200601 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZonesMXRecord 2020-06-01 v1api20200601 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZonesPTRRecord 2020-06-01 v1api20200601 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZonesSRVRecord 2020-06-01 v1api20200601 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZonesTXTRecord 2020-06-01 v1api20200601 v2.0.0 View
PrivateDnsZonesVirtualNetworkLink 2020-06-01 v1api20200601 v2.0.0 View
PrivateEndpoint 2022-07-01 v1api20220701 v2.0.0 View
PrivateEndpointsPrivateDnsZoneGroup 2022-07-01 v1api20220701 v2.0.0 View
PrivateLinkService 2022-07-01 v1api20220701 v2.0.0 View
PublicIPAddress 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
RouteTable 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
RouteTablesRoute 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
VirtualNetwork 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
VirtualNetworkGateway 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
VirtualNetworksSubnet 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View
VirtualNetworksVirtualNetworkPeering 2020-11-01 v1api20201101 v2.0.0 View


These resource versions are deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming ASO release. Migration to newer versions is advised. See Breaking Changes for more information.

Resource ARM Version CRD Version Supported From Sample
LoadBalancer 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View
NetworkInterface 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View
NetworkSecurityGroup 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View
NetworkSecurityGroupsSecurityRule 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View
PrivateDnsZone 2018-09-01 v1beta20180901 v2.0.0-beta.2 View
PublicIPAddress 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View
RouteTable 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.1 View
RouteTablesRoute 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.1 View
VirtualNetwork 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View
VirtualNetworkGateway 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View
VirtualNetworksSubnet 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View
VirtualNetworksVirtualNetworkPeering 2020-11-01 v1beta20201101 v2.0.0-beta.0 View