ASOv1 EventHubs save a Kubernetes secret:

kubectl get secrets -n ns1

eventhub-eventhub-sample-1                   Opaque   7      22h

This secret has the following 7 keys:

Key Source ASOv2 equivalent
eventhubName User None
eventhubNamespace User None
primaryConnectionString Azure .spec.operatorSpec.secrets.primaryConnectionString (added in ASO v2.7.0)
primaryKey Azure .spec.operatorSpec.secrets.primaryKey (added in ASO v2.7.0)
secondaryConnectionString Azure .spec.operatorSpec.secrets.secondaryConnectionString (added in ASO v2.7.0)
secondaryKey Azure .spec.operatorSpec.secrets.secondaryKey (added in ASO v2.7.0)
sharedaccessKey Azure None, see ASOv2 NamespacesAuthorizationRules for exporting keys for any authorization rule except the default RootManageSharedAccessKey