Database Users

ASOv1 supports 3 types of database user:

  • Azure SQL
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Unlike other resources, these users do not exist as first class entities in the Azure API. This means that asoctl will not import them.

To migrate database users from ASOv1 to ASOv2, you must manually transform the ASOv1 DatabaseUser shape into the ASOv2 shape.

Azure SQL

ASOv1 AzureSQLUser example.

ASOv2 example.


ASOv1 MySQLUser example.

ASOv1 MySQLAADUser example.

ASOv2 example.

ASOv2 in AAD configuration example.

  • Note that MySQL Flexible server has certain requirements for how it is set up to work with AAD here. So not only do you need to create the user in ASOv2 you must also ensure that the FlexibleServer has the right FlexibleServerAdministrator configured, with the right permissions.


ASOv1 PostgreSQLUser example.

ASOv2 example.