Prerequisites for Adding a New Core Filer

Before starting to configure the core filer on the cluster, make sure you have the following information.

For a NAS core filer:

  • The fully qualified domain name of the core filer (for example,

    Note that you must use the domain name instead of an IP address in order to access the core filer with SMB.

For a cloud core filer:

  • A valid and active license for FlashCloud on this cluster. Read Appendix A: Adding or Removing Feature Licenses for more information.
  • An existing credential for your cloud storage provider, or the access and private keys to create a new one
  • The name of an existing cloud storage container
  • Encryption details - whether or not to encrypt the core filer, and the type of key storage used. If using KMIP, you should have a key server set up before creating the core filer; read Configuring KMIP for an Avere Cluster to learn how.

The Add New Core Filer wizard guides you through the steps to define a new storage volume. Start the wizard by clicking the Create label from the Manage Core Filer page.

The steps are different for NAS core filers and for cloud storage. They are explained in detail in these two documents:

updated 2017-02-15